Positivity!? WTF!

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Positivity!? WTF!

August 15, 2011
Be the Crown Prince or Princess of Positivity. Look around and ask yourself if you are at least as positive thinking, and ‘being’ as anyone you know – and don’t sluff others off as foolish! We have ‘free choice’ to view the world in any way regardless of being predisposed to blame previous negative circumstances as reasons for a certain negativity. The mind and heart have the capabilities of expressing the highest thoughts and emotions that are known to humanity. The first step is to accept as you are, and what comes upon you at all moments but with an awareness of what is causing those thoughts and emotions. Your response may be a natural, healthy one, or may be ‘colored’ by past negative attachments to happenings.

Who you think you are has an imprint that you will carry for all of life. If that imprint has flaws or elements of negativity, why not rise above them, and send them walking in the other direction. You are your past, but being in the ‘now’, if you are in awareness of it, is the generator of a positive energy that transcends all that came before. The ‘before’ that is lower energy than you’d like, can be transcended by climbing to higher and higher choices of everything.

Open the heart, and come from the heart whenever it’s positive as it will also open the mind. Both act as ‘converters’, when necessary, of any less than desirable energy, even the loss or death of a loved one. Emotions that hurt the heart and mind may well be natural. Accept how you feel, it may be what it in time heals you. The more positive energy of being, with hurts, will accept the feeling but without attachment. Knowing and seeing the positives of being able to pay acknowledgement to whatever was  the catalyst for you feeling as you do is the open door to divine life and love to fill you. Focus on what will lift your spirit up.

Open your heart and let love in. Allow a ‘rebirth’ to happen for life, reaffirming consciousness. The eyes filled with love, automatically choose’s the path of positivity. If life doesn’t have enough positivity and love in it for you, focus on the many meditation techniques available, as well as taking small steps into positive choices. Life provides the means to heal, you just have to stay awake and allow it to help the transition. Suffering comes with the choice to accept, but detach, and hook yourself to a deeper love within. Seize opportunities to rise above the fray and slowly build a more positive you.

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