Love in Foreclosure

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Love in Foreclosure


August 4, 2010
The ‘bank of love’ will ‘foreclose’ a marriage or partnership if one or both are not making the required ‘payments of love’. One’s demonstrated love can be mathematically measured much like house payments. The probability of being able to give enough to sustain a growing, vital ‘house of love’ within a relationship can be predetermined with incredible accuracy prior to ‘closing the love deal’. ‘Love is blind’, is not just a harmless statement, but has verifiable meaning from infinite past observations. The ‘road of love’ is very narrow, and only widens when the payments (communication) have been consistently met.

Love has different values to different people. It all depends on your understanding, intelligence, alertness, and demonstrated fortitude of giving, and receiving unlimited love. People hear with shallow interpretations, and give the same while protecting their vulnerabilities. Words have different value from different mouths. When a person who is ignorant of love speaks, the words of love are empty, and not sustaining. They have little value. When a person of unlimited, open mind and love speaks, the meaning always has a much higher value. The person behind the words, and expressions is them in totalness.

The mind is both the locked gate to the heart as well as the ‘gate-less gate’. The vulnerable heart softens the negative mind to allow its watch over what to let in to the heart. The newly opened heart has taken a ‘leap of faith’ into an unknown abyss that must be met with constant reassurance that love is coming back. Be open to risk everything for love. Foreclosures in love happen typically with couples remaining in the empty house of love as if it’s a premature coffin in a grave. Love doesn’t require ‘deals’, but a total transformation into being love itself. Beyond trust is real love.

Love in it’s real sense cannot become ‘foreclosed’, or shut down. You become an instrument of love that can stand alone, and yet never be alone. Never attempt to enter into a love that is a ‘fixer upper’ when the ‘love bank’ is not full for both, unless you’re prepared for ‘intentional suffering’ from which you can learn more about yourself. Love gives freedom from each to the other. Love doesn’t need ‘deals’ but monitors itself under all circumstances for the blessings of love forever for each.

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