Order in Court (Meditation Techniques Included)

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Order in Court


July 30, 2011
‘Milkshake and a cheeseburger’  was my response to that ‘order’ as a kid! In carpentry construction, there is an important tool called a ‘level’. A ‘level’ is a device used for determining or adjusting something to a horizontal surface, in other words to make sure everything is in harmony or ‘in order’ for best results. ‘Level headed’ is an expression to define someone who can be counted on to keep balance and the peace in ‘trying situations’. Always be from an ‘internal order’, or balance of the mind with the emotions thrown in with a spiritual/conscious sensibility

All of life has a rhythm or balance for most effectiveness. Being out of that balance creates unexpected discord-disruptions. Even today, there is unparalleled strains on the world economy beginning with the US political decision to cast off regulations, or rules on the flow of money, causing mindless spending over and above common sense balance. The same situation can happen on a personal level for those who use little or no control over ‘income vs. outcome. Greed becomes the suspected catalyst.

On another, and more personal level, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, there is the necessity of a balance or harmony for maximum health and results for better life experiences. There are arbitrary energy ‘vortexes’ in the human body that correspond to vital points of opening and balance.  These energy points, which have been identified by Yogi’s and meditators in India for thousands of years are subject to somewhere between total imbalance with each other, or in total harmony to maximize the highest qualities of human experiences. By balancing these vortexes, the discernments of mind and the emotions realign themselves to best serve and protect one’s life as well as can be. It’s like getting a ‘wheel alignment’ for a vehicle to travel safest.

An ‘Osho’ personal technique is a breathing exercise to facilitate this. One method is to follow the instructions on a 45 minute CD on how to breath within each of the chakras. Without the music and instruction, you can arbitrarily breath rapidly with eyes closed, mouth open, sitting, standing or lying down with eyes closed, and for about 5 minutes breath rapidly in each of the chakras beginning with the 1st or sex chakra. After 5 minutes more to the chakra below the belly button (hara chakra), then move up to the one above the belly button for 5 minutes. The fourth chakra is the opening of the heart chakra. The fifth is the creative one in the middle of the throat. Sixth is the third eye or psychic chakra in between both eyes on the forehead. The final chakra is at the top of the head called the ‘god chakra’. Breathing becomes shallower as you rise in the chakras. After completion of the seven, start with the first and move up to the top in 5 minutes, again with rapid breathing.

Stand, sit, or lie down after completion for ten to fifteen minutes with eyes closed and just be the watcher of whatever comes up in the mind with no judgement. Doing this a few times a week for at least a month will help realign your whole being for more effective, positive living. Make it a better life saving device to have ‘order in the court of your being’!

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