Freedom Comes in Love

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Freedom Comes in Love
July 25, 2011
Mental love is a cage, a trap that creates fears of losing freedoms without lying and deception. Until this age of greater freedom, humans came together out of mostly biological hunger, fear of being alone, reproduction, and with a little heartfelt need thrown in. In fact, people had very little outer ‘input’ other than word of mouth what this ‘love’ was. Most ‘love’ was unidentified, and lost in the ‘soup of struggle’ to survive. Remember, there were rare books, no movies, TV, or a ‘town crier’ speaking of love especially for the millions who lived mostly in rural areas. Love, more often than not, came in a ‘bottle of intoxicants’ or who knows what?

Love has been suppressed through the ages partly out of the fears that came up leaving the being feeling helpless in an altered state in mind and emotion. Still today, most are baffled, and fearful of the oncoming energy of all but ‘light love’. The ‘suppression’ of the feelings still very much ‘overrides’  humanities openness to submit to an energy that leaves them feeling helpless and ‘dependent’. Love of anything, or being, such as a child, parent, or friend are very real, and perhaps very meaningful, although not of the magnitude of giving up yourself with a partner where the ‘souls’ appear to merge.

Love is always the missing element in one’s life that is yearned for to have a completion, which rarely meets that ‘completion’. If it does meet that possibility, it endures through all changes in life, and into death. Love unbridled permeates the very soul enriching every moment as never before. Love left ‘dangling’ or unfinished troubles the mind and heart endlessly in memory, sometimes causing many forms of physical and emotional maladies, even early death. Love is stronger than death, particularly when ‘loves door’ is opened and unfulfilled.

One never really learns how to swim at the shallow end of the pool, or for that matter, even at the deep end. Diving into the ocean of love with no return but to lose the self is where freedom in love fills the air wherever you walk in life. A taste of love, though, is always available even if the ‘freedom love’ eludes ones life which it almost exclusively does.

Stay in awareness when love comes, and leave no door of openness closed for there is no freedom like that which a total surrender to mutual love brings. LET YOUR LOVE BECOME SPACIOUS. Give more space to the person than they had when they were alone. Give nourishment — but don’t poison the other’s nourishment, don’t possess. Let them be free — more free than ever. ‘’AND THEN LOVE GROWS INTO DEEP INTIMACY. WHEN LOVE BRINGS FREEDOM, THEN LOVE GOES DEEPEST.’’ When love makes the other feel respected, not humiliated, not destroyed but enhanced; when love feels nourishing, liberating, then love goes deepest.In it’s deepest space love becomes the ultimate experience of life. For thousands of years, man has habitually exploited love. The deepest love can be referred to as enlightenment,  although, I prefer to say ‘lovenlightenment’, which is a step beyond the enlightenment alone. It’s time for a ‘Lovolution’!

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