No Way Out

No Way Out


March 12, 2011
There is no way out! Wherever you go, there you are! Until you get it that you have created an ‘exterior being’ that clings to the notions that others seem to affix to you, and your belief that ‘it’s true’, there is ‘no way out’ without going deep inside using techniques to open the doors of what’s truly inside. Nearly every one walks around with an invisible mask that has become what they think is them, while looking everywhere for better answers, and the ‘answer people’ are everywhere with the wrong answer.

The right answer is not anyones opinion, but what undeniably is. The source for each is within. Meher Baba, one of the 20th centuries foremost ‘love mystics’ from India said, ‘God is your inner most self. Do not search for God outside of you. Let these words be inscribed within your heart.’ The ‘god energy’ is everywhere, but for you to know who you are, and to reach the ‘love tap’, it’s only within. Those who say differently are still searching outside of themselves.

Life must be a balance of deep roots, and a growing consciousness into the sky. Your consciousness goes deep into your being, and the more awareness of that the higher it goes blossoming into a fragrance high into the sky of consciousness. The art is to transform your life from mediocrity into a celebration of all that life has in its blessings. Let go of whatever is making you sad and miserable for there is no room for laughter and joy to occupy the same place. Make the world a ‘merry-go-round’, and not a ‘sad-go-round’. Escape from others ‘answers and charms’ to be free to seek from the godliness within.

Create a paradise here and now. Why wait for an alleged heaven? If there is a paradise after your coming death, you will have prepared for it! You don’t have to force anything. Life happens by itself and is a deep ‘let-go’. See existence opening millions of flowers daily, never in a hurry, but in their own time. There is a season for everything and a right time, just be aware for the windows of opportunity, being patient and in no hurry. Whenever things are going to happen, they will happen. No need to fight or force. You can surrender and trust. Let go of the outer, and dig into the inner – that’s where the gold of authentic you is hidden! The way out is the way in!

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