Never Love Yourself

Never Love Yourself

March 9, 2011
The secret of most everyone is that they’ve stumbled upon, and tripped over, who they ‘think they are’. And, being too unimaginative and lazy, they drag along that false perception until the lights go out one day. Not loving yourself may bring spurts of happiness, and even success, but something is missing! The missing link is ‘just be yourself’, letting go of self criticism, all the negativity, excuses, beliefs, and be free as you really are ‘inside’ without all the mental barriers.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean painting your toenails, getting a facial, or buying new clothes as some seem to interpret it. When you close your eyes upon lying down for a good nights sleep, be aware of the light feeling of being happy inside. If that feeling is not there, tell yourself quietly that you love yourself for a couple minutes. If nothing happens, make it an opportunity each night to connect. Be thankful for things that come to the mind, feel them in the heart. You don’t have all the answers unless you have them all, and they are in the heart wondering why you don’t bring them up. Many men need to drop the ‘manly’ trip and just be a person, and do it.

Drop attachment to expectations. and move through life with an open mind and heart. Be innocent, and free of yours and others judgements. Don’t try to be someone else. To be influenced by someone may be beneficial, but be who you are. In that innocence, love and compassion will come up by itself. You are perfect as you are, it’s just a matter of seeing through the obstructions of who you falsely think you are. Why deny yourself? You are a spirit no less than anything in the world, or outside of it. Godliness is your true  nature.

Roses bloom in beauty because they are themselves, and not trying to be lily’s or orchids. Two choices: Remain the same, rejecting all and condemning, or be free to accept yourself by surrendering, and allowing the enjoyment of a new you inside. Let go of ‘imprints’ in the heart and mind that just serve to squeeze perpetual negativity into your everyday. Kick the loser out of you while breathing deeper with awareness, and the real you will arise like the morning sun.


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