Disobedience Means Intelligence

Disobedience Means Intelligence
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March 7, 2011
Conscious disobedience is godly. Most people live in a world flickering between misery and ‘getting by’. Why would anyone want to lead that fluctuating, ‘woe is me’ life style year in and year out while ignoring taking the opportunity to climb out of ‘the dark hole’? Having the worst childhood imaginable is no excuse not to climb out, and disconnect from a ‘dark albatross’. Millions have done it inspite of far more who stagnate while blaming the world as their ‘jailer’.

Your life is going just as you allow it. Misery loves company, even if it denies being part of the equation. Positive people seek company with the same vibration, or perhaps volunteering from finding ‘positivity themselves’, to assist lifting the miserable out of their dark self indulgence. Giving to your inner beauty, and joy at the expense of no one, and then ‘giving back’ to others less fortunate who can’t seem to evolve beyond their streaming misery, is next to godliness.

Pessimism is contagious to itself, and fills every crack and cranny of ones whole life unless you become disobedient to the friction you cause for yourself, and seek a more intelligent path. Why be guilty of following anyone else’s path, and that includes ‘religions babble’, when the ‘sun of god’ is right outside the window. Pull back the shades of self imprisonment, and see the sun rise on your life. The whole world, and it’s perception is inside you.

You are the script writer of your life, the producer, director, location manager, costume designer, and the ‘schlump’ that does what’s needed to pull off the show of your lifetime called, ‘my world’! Be disobedient to the negatives of the past and seek how to make it the finest innertainment show the world has ever seen. Nothing but the ignoring of your innate intelligence is keeping the show from going on the road of enjoying yourself, and all that life has to offer. Life is about giving! Give yourself a break! The best memories are coming when you create them.

Oh, and the ‘lighting’ for the show? It’s provided at no cost just look up in the sky, and also the stars are there for you to rest for the upcoming sun arising. Conscious disobedience to the pasts ways that didn’t create the best show, will assist in the new, improved, ‘my show’!

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