Corporate Vampiring

Corporate Vampiring

March 8, 2011
You can control the ‘blood sucking’ of ‘Corporate America’!

I love the ‘news media’ and it’s attempt to cut to the chafe, but ‘Corporate America’ wields
a strong censorship (through advertising expenditors) threat of ‘firing’ those that jeopardize their money machine that depends on your ‘not speaking out’. Well, on one hand, can you blame them if no one is there to say ‘enough is enough’?  Ask yourself, ‘Am I speaking out’? Your vote at the ballot box IS NOT ENOUGH! Watch what your $$$ buys, and from WHERE.

Open the friggin mind to ‘what’s going on’ with EVERYTHING, including your religions which are baptizing you into ‘zombies incapable of inquiry’. BIG CORPORATE, and their puppet ‘Johns’ (for those who don’t know what a ‘John’ is, it’s someone beholden to a ‘prostitute for pleasure that translates into money’). In this case, to manipulate the secondary puppets called ‘sheeple’ (You) into giving them control with little or no compassion for the lives of the people (like Kadhafi of Libya in the Middle East), and for their ‘monetary’ supporters – Corporate America, who are too busy making money to see the lives it cripples.

Keeping people ‘dumbed down’ serves those who control the minds of ‘whatever country’, in this case America, who is freer than any other country, but that’s like a lot comparing old fashion encyclopedia books to google or WikiPedia on the internet. Salesmen sell what makes the most money, by interest in their product or service. I know, I was a corporate salesman in NYC for 20 years! You’re there to sell to fatten the bottom line regardless of whether your service or product is better. Makes sense, but when millions of people are manipulated for the benefit of the few, it’s time for ‘freedom of information citizens’ to stand up instead of hiding behind excuses.

It’s time now, and here for people to wake up, and stop living lives that are no longer necessary to live to just survive with no time left over but for entertainment, and shopping for the next gift to make you happy. We all are on borrowed time, and ready to join those who’ve passed on, at any moment. A few years ago, the average life expectancy was in the 40’s. Today, it’s almost double that, and given the extra time, why not use it to wake up the inner, and not buy any ‘peddler’s schtick’ of how that should be, but make it a ‘self journey’ into higher consciousness, and love of self as well as others. Anyone can be a ‘star on their own stage’ by just knowing who they are, and exhibiting the giving gift of spiritual philanthropy to make it a better world for those we love, and strangers who are the ‘world’.  Question authority, and that includes others interpretation of ‘what god allegedly says’!

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