Red Pill

Red Pill

March 6, 2011
Do you take the path of discovery of what’s real, or sit back and accept the illusion that’s fed to you? The two pills are symbolic of the choice between ‘blissful ignorance’ (blue), or embracing the sometimes painful reality of truth (red). The terms were popularized in the 1999 science fiction film The Matrix. The premise is made that an artificial reality exists that is advanced enough to be indistinguishable from reality. This allegedly mirrors the concept that the everyday world is illusory, which mystics have been saying throughout time.

Given the offer of remaining in the world (blue pill) where you will be allowed to have little or no knowledge of anything that is wrong, will or are you following the sheep, and being like an Ostrich about life? An artificial reality is now accepted more and more as the reality. Of course, there are infinite parts of life where this may apply, but isn’t life about searching for the truth for those who want to evolve in consciousness?

The ‘corporate world’ which provides us infinite opportunities of convenience, also looks to fatten it’s bottom line, and will act as a ‘snake oil salesman’ to do so. Take Big Pharma, and it’s trillions of pills for everything that will make it money – what percentage of its pills are ‘blue pills’ that could be substituted by the ‘red pill’ of realities choices from psychological to healthier food intake? What products sold today are for an imagined solution but come with ‘warnings’ that can have greater liabilities than the assets they allegedly improve?

Is marriage a red or blue pill?  Some opportunities can well be a way of avoiding the responsibility of knowing and loving yourself. Do religions offer a fake solution mixed with some wisdom to keep the populace interested, or are all religions the real thing? Anything that has harmful effects coupled with benefits must be examined for what’s true, and what is a placebo that creates the illusion of all being well when it’s not.

You can take the ‘red pill’, and know the ‘truth’ about what’s going on in the world as well as who you really are, or you can choose the ‘blue one’ and stay in the dark. For most, the ‘blue pill’ works giving them a sense of security, while avoiding the light of the truth. Religions are security blankets that are illusion given the more secure path of following your inner heart and truth. The mainstream media, which is supported by the advertising dollars of the corporations, does a great job of keeping you in the false sense of security in everything that is best for increasing the flow of money for those with ‘goodies to sell’ to little red (blue) ridding hood. It’s time to begin stepping into a discernment of everything as being ‘truth or consequences’! Does it really take a ‘brain surgeon’ to know which way to go? Try the ‘Om mantra meditation’ to clear the mind!!

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