Corporate Contro of Religions

Corporate Control of Religions

March 5, 2011
What!? Impossible? It’s happening, and has evolved slowly over the last few decades where it is now a firm lock. How does it happen? Corporate greed! Anything that hurts sales, and the bottom line is banned by large corporations even though most employees of those corporations have no idea that they are mindlessly supporting it. Now, of course, many employees would rather maintain the status quo, and also would be in judgment if their employer allowed ‘free speech’ that might lose them thousands or millions of buyers.

Your pastor, reverend, priest, rabbi, and men of the cloth unknowingly (?), are lackeys for the corporations control of maintaining the ‘status quo’ of all religions. What makes me acutely aware of the situation of corporate control of religion is the fact that I’m very closely aligned with a number of ‘researchers of truth versus fiction’ as to the beginnings of all religions, and the myths that are part of their stories. The ‘humongous’ myths which are fed millions of people, generation after generation have largely been bared naked. These ‘researchers of truth versus myths’ are not allowed at this time, for fear of revenue loss, to speak of their findings in mainstream public media.

Nearly all religious characters in ‘holy books’ from all religions are basically ‘knockoffs’ from earlier religions. They are mostly fictional use of names for archetypes of ‘magical beings’ to simplify understanding for the masses. No mainstream television anywhere at this time will allow any report of these ‘scientists of religion’s’ findings for fear of losing advertising revenue from the corporations. Of course the corporations are ‘in bed’ with the religious salesmen and the politicians, all concerned about their loss of income.

Evolvement of the human race is stunted and kept in conflict with ‘religion against religion’. Allowing the ‘freedom’ to disseminate truths, based on objective research to counter these ‘diseases’ which plug the minds of billions from learning to find life’s key unconstrained by ancient hard-to-read dogma, is vital for a maturing world. I, along with a small percentage of the populace, have been using our minds, hearts, and experience to see far beyond what’s in he ‘box of the holy books’. It’s called spiritual or conscious growth to seek the truths within, and not from outdated books. Scientists of all healthy endeavors, including those who study all facets of health, are largely prevented by Corporations to get their findings out to the public.

Nothing compares to the constriction of new information replacing outdated, fallacious information on all religions. Freedom means the freedom to communicate vital information without control of it’s contents for fear of monetary loss. Corporations in general provide a good product and service, but what’s hard to see, is the negativity of  manipulation to promote themselves while restricting positive information that would counter the harm of self serving information. We each have the freedom to be more, and more aware, and in search of the truth. Let no one ‘clamp’ your freedom of information. Why listen to advertising that omits and spins information just for profit at your expense?! Be free and aware, it’s your gift to use at no charge!

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