Two Roads

Two Roads

March 3, 2011
Both roads start out open and wide. Both narrow down as life goes on. One narrows with ‘karma’ caused by an unconscious, self serving life tainted with greed, ignorance, bad habits, worries, neglect of love, and various selections of every negative thing imaginable regardless of the pleasure moments. We all have the vision to make the choices to have our lives go anyway we want them, and regardless of early circumstances. The choices are ones you have to live with, and hold as your own, not someone else’s.

Picture one road as filled with a combination of ups and downs, perhaps filled with more negatives than positives. The other road, may have the same situations, but with an attitude to always seek to climb over them and move on. The more difficult road is an opportunity for growth whether inward, outward or both. Ignoring the opportunity, and selecting to dwell behind the obstacles, eventually creates a narrowing road of more negatives that become very internal.  Negative karma undone, builds and clogs the flow of the future.

Sometimes the other road began in childhood with mostly positives, but even if not, it still is one of choices of attitude. Maintain the inner and unveil the mysteries of all inner love’s attributes from caring, empathy, compassion, integrity, etc., that are necessary to form this road up above the frays of all negatives. Neglect sends one down roads ‘off shooting’ from the ‘bad karma’ road ignoring it’s two way opportunities. In essence, it’s one road with two directions, into the murky light/dark, or into life’s more compassionate, joy giving road.

Take measure of your giving to see if it amounts to an accumulation of inner riches that fills life’s invisible bank of ‘positive karma’. Giving ‘outer’ things without giving the growth of inner love for yourself is to take the dark road. Giving little but for mainly your own satisfaction is even a darker road that will have increasing negative implications for you and others in this life, but particularly for you in any future life. Always, know that one can turn around, but as the darker road narrows, the ability to do so narrows. Take the high road into the light, and the best of choices.

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