Gasaholic Love

Gasaholic Love

March 2, 2011
Every negative comes with a hidden positive that evaporates the negative. Now that Americans are moving into paying the highest gas prices ever for their many cars that some even use to drive down the block, it’s a great opportunity to look at the word discernment. Discernment is the highest form of intelligence to be able to pick the best overall way, or choice of alternatives.

Buying products made anywhere in the world may sometimes be the best choice, however, not without open minded consideration for the welfare of those closest to you, be it local or within the country. The question that should be considered is, ‘who benefits’? To benefit the ‘unknown’ at the expense of your own ‘home’ (country), needs some reflection, common sense, and compassion leading to discernment.

Your inner qualities are important to pay attention to for growth and evolvement, but the outer factors must also reflect higher qualities too. Discernment of what goes in, out, what could be done with each that is often glossed over for convenience and immediate gratification is not an appreciation of giving back to life’s blessings given to you. It’s a complicated world with everyone, and his uncle, trying to sell something while not always concerned for it’s effects on the buyer but what brings the most profit. Collectively, society seems to be one big sheep farm where we shear each other while letting ‘big business’ dictate the playing rules.

A mindset of ‘entitlement’ coupled with ignoring how anything bought, and it’s process to get to you, are among the leading mindless compulsions in life’s purchases. Knowing the background of everything that comes into your life (including close friends), and the use of wise ‘decision making’, while considering if it’s the best choice available under the circumstances, is being more ‘spiritual’ or conscious. Hopefully that will reflect continuing inner growth. It’s no longer a healthy world when we treat ourselves, and others as means to gobble up all we can before the ‘dream’ of life rushes to it’s ‘karmic’ endings. Life gives a life of opportunities including love, but we must give back to enrich the giver with a thank you of gratefulness. Forgive yourself for past poor choices, and turn over a new leaf of conscious choices!

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