Sex & Muslim Women

Sex & Muslim Women

photoFebruary 26, 2011

‘’Muslim women have the right never to associate or even speak to a man who is not related to them by genetics or marriage. Muslim women have the right to reproduce continually after forced into an arranged marriage, and raped against their wills by their “husbands.” “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other… Good women are obedient. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them, forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” (Quran 4:34)

The important thing here is that Muslim women feel free even if they are not?! Who’s to judge? Maybe an observation and opinion will due? ‘Judge not lest you might be judged yourself’ is a    biblical saying that has much merit, however, frequently a judgment can be positive, and useful to better living! Mankind is rising from the dust of the ages in a relatively short time. Cannibals existed in certain pockets of humans either within our lives or past relatives lives. Africa in particular was mostly filled with primitive people that National Geographic magazine until recently portrayed often as ‘naked’ savages with spears.

Humans are coming out of the womb of ancient times in differing pockets of developmental progress. It’s wise to remind ourselves not to judge the past, even if it’s remnants are here today. Everything is perfect considering what all have been through, and are now working out karma without realization of it. Humans have a natural tendency to cling to what their parents taught them, and who were taught by their parents and so forth. Religions, for all the good they bring to the world, are outdated, and have been surpassed by many forms of a new awareness as the dark veils of history are lifted one by one. Humans have collectively, lived in ignorance filled with all the seven deadly sins in full operation. Beauty and goodness don’t happen overnight especially with the ignorance of resistance to the ‘fear of change’.

In the Western world, little has changed inspite of appearances with incredible technological advancements. Perhaps the ‘seven deadly sins’, which are very prevalent, have become harder to see as they are ‘refined’ some to the eye, but still as in past centuries. Modern techniques, be they medical or psychological, continue to evolve in experimental form to pull back veils of ignorance, but often creating new problems. Like the individual who grew up in a challenging, sometimes traumatic childhood, it takes time, effort, and positive heartfelt persistence to detach from the past, and create a new healthy life. All evolution into the light can happen rapidly for those with compassion, awareness, and discernment for truth to climb out of the past into the new light. It starts now with ‘you and me’.


  1. hey!!!! this hits home??? like to cry for me/my/our shared humanity over INhumanity of so many others!!!!! u do us all a good service to free us from past bondages….love ya! met u on the venice bdwlk!

    1. Thank you George!
      That’s something we’d connect again. I miss the Venice Boardwalk. Been in this tourist town since 2007, still doing free speech, weather permitting.
      How did you come upon my writing? First time? Are you in LA?
      I’ll put you on my daily writing list! Nice reply! I’m at

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