Luciferian World

Luciferian World

February 21, 2010
The world today is Luciferian, Satanic, ‘Devil run’, or whatever ‘dark’ word that might be descriptive. Now, unless you live under a rock of denial (which is Luciferian), it’s pretty obvious now that the ‘lights’ are on in the world.  We can see the chaos that has always existed but, like roaches that don’t seem to be there until the lights come on, those lights are now on the whole world! Communication and love still exist , but in the dim light of a forest where few can see the forest through the trees.

Both the pursuit of ‘survival means’, and ‘overkill’ of survival in luxury are ‘Luciferian implants’ in humanoids minds. Those being human, and so demonstrated by self inner love, compassion, sensitivity for the female, and all inner qualities that most at one time or other could say they had, but instead only see glimpses that reach one into the new realm of the ‘mother earth’ rather than the ‘luciferian father’. The ‘luciferian father mindset’ ravages love, compassion, and all the sensitivities of the earth and life, spreading it’s seed of turmoil from generation to generation.

The male dominated world is luciferian, and is in the midst of extinguishing itself for the birth of a new paradigm leading to a balance of female and male energy, which except among rare individuals, is currently non existent.  America is the most ‘luciferian’ with too many streets paved in gold while the majority are still looking to cover the mud road. Educational institutions have been enablers as in the 19th century Thorstein Veblen’s writing of the ‘theories of the leisure class’, and their apathy and disdain for the welfare of the majority. This majority today in America is largely educated in our ATM machine University factories to clone new puppets for a dream that is just that, a dream!

Before the 17th century any mention of Lucifer was by and large positive such as referring to the early sun of the morning, or the rising star of the morning. Man and religion, as they always seem to do, reversed the meaning into a Satanic one which continues to this day. Underneath the ‘ugliness’ of this converted meaning is the real meaning of transparency, freshness, love, enlightenment, and all the positive meanings available, but man must move beyond the negative, dark, malevolent, maleness of current life, into the light of a more female reverent world of dropping the ‘father’ and rising the mother (Venus). It begins with you rising in consciousness and having the courage to shine the light on others to see their way from under the rock. There is hope for those who escape from the dark in love for themselves and all living life. rhata

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