Unfit for Love

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February 20, 2011

Imagine finishing life without having had the full impact of all that love has to give to one’s everlasting feeling of the blessing? Incredibly, nearly everyone dies with the ‘love channel’ not all the way open! What’s this ‘love channel’? Just my expression for ‘all fear gone of being able to love someone completely, both giving all of yourself, and receiving another’s total self. Losing the mind with another may make you crazy, but that’s when you see who you think you are, loses all control. Sex is not necessarily there. Just two as one, gone. It’s crazy really if you spend life undeniably missing that ability, and the consequent slipping into a new dimension while all remains the same, but unexplainably different and better than it once was.

The key is to begin ‘letting go’ of all attachments in the mind, and yet seeing that they are still there, but suddenly not with the same feeling but a feeling of being free of their ability to cause any kind of discomfort within. Letting go results in the memory still being intact but either a loss of unwanted feelings or certainly a ‘lessening’ of them while opening the possibility of a more positive energy to emerge that’s already there. If it’s not there, it’s an opportunity to begin constructing new viewpoints.

The ‘guards of love’ must come down for real love to reach ‘infinite love’, eliminating all fear of communication and closeness. The ‘guards’ are there for protective reasons, but those reasons must be eliminated or minimized for the ‘flow of love’ to happen. Blocks to love can’t receive the energy of total giving love nor can they give but in unpredictable ‘spurts’ that vanish into the invisible silent guards coming up. Those ‘guards’ may create many different feelings from withdrawal of emotion to depression, non caring, or any type of fear that creates a type of ‘walking away’.

If ‘receiving’ love becomes open, giving love back begins to open. The process to move beyond the ‘blocks of love’ may bring up fears, but all fears melt away with the courage to move into the safety of love. Fear is a false safety, that inspite of it’s usefulness for those that have not let go of the blocks to keep them out of waters they are not yet prepared to swim in, you can’t swim in love with any fear. To do most things in life, you have to be ready, in sports or love, it’s called ‘being fit’. To fit into another’s giving and receiving your love, you’ve got to be a receiver, and give too, in full tune! Become a love being!


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