Islam’s No. 1 Problem

Islam’s No. 1 Problem


February 22, 2011
Men. Men not adapted to the common sense tenets of sensitivity and compassion who still are not ‘potty trained’ to not shit where they eat, and others eat. Men who still depend on the ‘bottle of the outdated holy book’ for fear of standing on their own. Bedouin’s of the desert or ‘inhabitants of the desert’ that have no mental and heart cultivation beyond the one dimensional biological and survival needs. Thrusting these nomads into the age of the technological future means ‘clash of the civilizations’.

These critters of ancient times mainly seem to be sperm donors to children who will eventually take their ‘mindless’ places without most of them waking up outside the ‘sheeple pen’.

Subservient, brainwashed sperm converters called ‘females’, out of fear, ignorance, and dependence on these ‘thirsty sex starved’ renegades are also complicit. Exceptions are too small a minority at this point to counter the floods of ignorance. Woman is also an internal enemy who if in disobedience is a security risk for this Islamic tyranny’s survival.
Any independence and devilish sexuality outside the imposed prisons their captors maintain, represents a religious blasphemy, contaminating the male purity of alleged ‘god given’ purpose in the support of life. Man has chosen to deal with female infractions of the ‘holy book’ by using the non meditation techniques of torturing, beating, demeaning, raping, stoning, and killing to encourage compliance from the survivors.

Defensiveness to obvious observation and commentary by more civilized outsiders, is ‘par for the course’. Scrape away the veneer under which the seeming more civilized of the rouges of life are, and out of the cloaked cage with rage and anger come these animals in human bodies. To paint these kind of males with ‘Christian niceness and stupidity’ is to be as guilty, and an enabler. It’s time for men especially to have personal revolutions of the heart and mind rising into a semblance of consciousness beyond the ancient ideologies and ‘holy shit’ before ‘death waves it’s magic wand’ of conversion into fertilizer, and lost souls that return to reinhabit bodies that loop the same ole same ole. Kids are cute, but a corrupted kid mentality in an adult body is not an antiseptic for the wounds of the millenniums.

The perverts of religion are perverts of love and meditation in favor of being a bottom feeder that ends up in the ground to be the oil of future millenniums who are forebearers of the idiots who came before them. The solution starts with walking away from all ‘brainwashing holy books’ into a world of ‘god given awareness, discernment, and love’.

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