Choice-less Choice Feelings

Choice-less Choice Feelings

February 10, 2011
Love is stored in some invisible place for access to whatever stimuli activates it. Love can be a choice to be open to the opportunity of, or not. We have a ‘gas tank’, or love tank that is in the heart. That tank can be filled, or even gasping for love, or just empty with a seed of love that needs nurturing. When the heart is open and vulnerable, activity happens to awaken it for feelings, be they of ‘love lost’, or the joy to one degree or another of ‘love’s fulfillment’.

A ‘choice-less choice’ is any place where the choice to do the opposite is really not a sensible, or even doable option. When love between two people ignites, given it’s sensibilities, the choice is ‘choice-less’. When the rare person taps into the depths of love’s experiences, they may leave an imprint where there is no choice but to see that it is a very part of your makeup. Having permanent ‘choice-less choice love’ become endlessly part of one is to pass into the  realm of unconditional love.

Mind and heart are not just individual like the body. They are a collection of imprints for all of life over the millennia. Within each individual is the choice to allow the direction to be in all life’s possibilities or not, being easier for some in certain aspects than for others. Those who love deeply have not as much resistances to overcome as, say someone not having much love in childhood. However, neither is guaranteed to experience the transition of love to the point of it becoming something akin to ‘automatic’ or choice-less.

True (enlightened) love has no ending, and the beginning is unlikely to be seen. True love does not have a happy ending because it never ends. Letting go of someone you love may well be ‘love’s way’ of expressing love. Love has no need to cling to keep it’s unconditional quality alive. True love goes where ever you go like a shadow or partner that becomes a choice-less choice. Love that comes and go’s, is conditional, and more susceptible to pain and hurt when arbitrarily disconnected by whatever circumstances. Two people merging into love to where there is no choice but to always have that ‘pure’ feeling is unchangeable, and enduring, regardless of any need for physical contact. Choice-less love is ‘self filling love’ on ‘autopilot’ with no choice but to be open to total love. Arhata

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