Love Jesus, or Muhammed

Love Jesus, or Muhammed?
Door is not always open
February 17, 2011
People today are becoming more aware that there seem to be two major paths to God. It’s confusing which to choose. Jesus would love Muhammed and all religious icons including Buddha. Jesus and Muhammed would speak to the same God. Both would be proud of what has been created in their name with God looking on. Man must suffer for not listening as they led by example even though it challenges one’s ability to see that at times, but that’s the spiritual path they have set down.

All wisdom, particularly since the advent of TV, the avalanche of books, and computers, is very secondary to the words of God of these two holy men. Those who doubt anything about these two great fellas are ‘believers’, and all belief naturally includes doubt. It doesn’t matter one way or the other whether one chooses Muhammed over Jesus or the other way around, they both will save you as intermediaries through God.

It’s not suggested to search for God alone, with two of the greatest men of God to ever walk the millions of year old planet earth, willing to lead the way. Man has been here, in one form or another without a savior, and God’s chosen for millions of years. You should feel overwhelmed with joy that God has sent these two to minister the sinners, or whatever, to find their way to God’s home in the sky among the millions of Galaxies. We are lucky, for there is no evidence that God has any time for planets, and people on those floating land masses. The Muslims, in particular, bow to God (Allah) and pray five times a day. Sadly, the average Christian seems to be well behind in their reverence, possibly due to more distractions and opportunities. I would like to suggest for them (and Muslims) to google ‘’ for easier quicker opportunities to ask or praise God.

Heaven is the goal, even if this life must be sacrificed in one way or another. Either path, Islam or Christianity is the means to the end. The ‘ends’ rewards are unclear but Islam suggests 72 Virgins that apparently Allah (God) provides. I personally suspect that either a Muslim will share the pleasures or just maybe one of the hidden secrets locked in the Vatican is that the same reward awaits Christians too. It’s unclear what women get but I’ve heard that they are transformed into men, so that seems like a fair thing, after all, God can perform miracles. Life is becoming more difficult with more choices, even the rebel way that both Jesus and Muhammed must have followed by seeking answers from the godliness within.

Me? My spiritual sister’s (Acharya S) years of religion research, now in several books to validate historical claims of the religious characters in the Bible and Quran, is                                                                                                                                                                & ;nbs p;                                                                                                                                                  without historical evidence other than belief! Luckily, a few have found a more freeing spiritual path of love and meditation. Love and communicate with yourself, and all answers will be unveiled. Just pay attention – it’s time for a ‘game changer now’!

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