Be in Harmony

Be in Harmony

February 15, 2011
Grease the ‘wheels of the heart’ and it’s connection to the wheels of the mind. Is what works, not in harmony with all its parts? If there are parts that don’t fit with the whole, they must find a way to be in the harmony of compatibility. Love needs to be fluid to find its own fit both from giver and receiver with all blocks in the moment, and from the past, not brought in to the gift of the divine that carries within it all the answers to life’s beauties.

The body is headless without the guidance of the free and giving heart. Man wants to control love to fit with needs that impede love’s sensitivities. The ‘channels of loves’ thirst for the closeness and tenderness, that is often thrown unintentionally by the wayside soon without realizing that the ‘channels of love’ couldn’t remain open as the unsolved dilemmas of the past seep into the mind, is let to take control over the heart.

Love that resonates with another’s love needs that ‘fine tune’ of harmony between each. Being out of touch with ones own harmony or centeredness will be at fault for breakdowns of connection that ultimately create an erratic love disconnect even sometimes reaching the polarity of a surge between ‘love and hatred’. Taking time out to breath together peacefully is, in a sense, an opportunity to realign the energies. Even before doing, individual relaxed meditation to open the vulnerabilities within may be advantageous. Always, gentle compassionate communication is to align the energies of each together.

The union of the spirits of love become what could be called ‘the love meditation’. It matters not what it’s called but that it resonates in harmony both inside each individual, and if chosen, together. The harmony that is within two people bonding, accentuates the deepening of the experience to the limitless point of transforming the individuals love energy permanently transcending the erratic, flickering love energy within.

Love fulfills the self to the point of one not needing success and riches of the outer world, nor even a need in any religion as every dimension, seen and unseen becomes godliness. In harmony, you become in tune with existence and nature. The art of living blossoms with the art of love vibrating in magnificent harmony, and naturally. Be authentic, be natural, and be honest in all of life, and the joyishness of living will permeate every moment.

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