Sabotage Closeness

Sabotage Closeness

February 13, 2011
Home is where the heart is. A house is empty and not a home as is the heart that is empty, not a home.  Fighting with the minds unhappy memories is like Don Quixote in the musical, ‘Man of La Mancha’ where Quixote is off to fight the dragon which is really an old windmill, that his mind says is out to steel the heart of the woman of his dreams, Dulcinea.

A sabotage of romance is really a self inflicted wound that never heals when the perpetrator is regarded as that ‘dragon out there’ in another person. Closeness frightens most as they find ways to, usually unknown to them, push it away or sabotage the whole experience as they’re off to heal in denial, later to hopefully recover, and start the ‘love debacle’ all over again. No one is the outer circumference that may so torture them endlessly. That situation is just knocking on the door of the house that is really the home inside, not knowing the door to the heart opens for those that let go and enter in soft awareness. Create unwavering love in your own heart first.

I breath your air, you breath mine, but the mind breathes it’s own polluted, looping, foul air of deception. The mind is actually constricted to breath the fresh air of ‘self worth’ and love without the hearts vulnerable, deep breathing. The mind can only see from the intellect with the  complement of the more ‘feminine open heart’. One man I know, rules by his mind over his wife convincing himself that she is the answer to his eternal happiness. No partner is the answer to the ‘transcendence’ into an everlasting love, but merely the other half to ignite ones openness without the possessive mind. The ‘home’ is within you, not another, even though the spark may open up one’s home in the heart to an everlasting explosion.

Love falls and crashes or burns when the mind of the past begins to settle in where love is new, but to grow needs two in the highest consciousness, and open hearts possible. Falling in love is just that, falling! Love from consciousness rises and rises enveloping the whole essence of being. At some point the other is no longer needed! However, the choice may be made to enjoy living together in the same home. The mother who raises her child in the beginning with lots of love, imprints that love in the offspring for life. Such is the case with a deeper love that occurs between two in love with ‘one heart’ merged in openness. When love explodes into a space beyond ‘normal love’, there is never any less than the height it reaches. Home is your own heart filled with love. Is yours filled?

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