Puppet on a String

Puppet on a String


February 12, 2010
Carrying a ‘concentration camp’ on your shoulders certainly can make you a prisoner of the negative mind that goes everywhere you go, and there you are. Liberation from all the traps of the past, belief systems, and all social influences that stunt ones freedoms is a giant step in really being the ‘real you’. Living on the surface or superficially is shallow, and allows for all sorts of reactions to stimuli that are taken as offensive. You are controlled like a puppet on a string by infinite possibilities.

Stay in ‘awareness’ always leaving quick assumptions and judgments in the dark. In awareness, one finds a real calmness that transcends reactions to what is interpreted as chaos. Seeking only ways of behavior that are surface only just makes you vulnerable to anything that is likely to reach under the skin of ego. Staying centered and calm requires a simple transformation of becoming ‘aware’ of all aspects of the environment, inside and out. Seek that state of awareness where nothing is disturbing. That translates into being calm from your center outward into the circumference of whatever you meet.

People elect to wear masks over superficial attitudes that are just a cheap coat of paint to hide what really is there artificially. Practicing a certain character is like an actor acting to convince an audience that can be manipulated into seeing what the actor can emulate. Changing just the outer doesn’t change the inner while the reverse of changing the inner, changes the outer. The further you get from the inner love, the more vulnerable you are to the outside forces pulling your strings with diminishing freedoms.

Love is generally making one a ‘puppet on a string’ when it doesn’t go to the depths of possibilities. Without the deep resonance of a meditative, calm love, love is destined to fail, or at best become just a functional relationship mixed with something resembling love with wishes for freedom. Love comes disguised as a Siren from Homer’s Iliad, where beautiful women with fish tails sing to the passing ships powerful enough for stirring the puppet sailor’s to their biological needs and to end up crashing into the rocks where the mermaids sing. Let the sacred orgasmic experience penetrate your being. Deep love breaks the puppet strings giving great joy and bliss, and at the same time a thirst for eternal joy.

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