Freedom to Truth

Freedom to Truth

February 11, 2011
Truth needs itself, and the freedom to come out! Higher than love is freedom and truth. Love arises when both are present. Truth and freedom brings justice and transparency. As freedoms are blocked, truth, the fire of its expression, remains in hiding where justice is corrupted. The ‘epicenter’ of the highest answers to life lies within each individual. That ‘epicenter’ must be given the time and space to grow from it’s birth to a fruition.

Escaping from the world out of fear will never result in finding the truth, and its encompassing freedoms. Both are a journey in the process of maturing. Take the challenge and its dangers, sifting though the many barriers of hurts and wounds with as much positivity as possible into the light of the truth. The journey creates the goal. The journey builds the qualities of all positive characteristics. The traps and dangers in embracing the truths and freedoms are there to enable the journey to be the goal at each step of the way. It’s an ongoing process requiring adapting to the circumstances that always continue.

The joys and excitement will be there to create a growing passion to see more and more of what’s behind the infinite veils of life. Paradoxically, the journey and the goal are not separate, and two things. The end and the means merge together, and are not separate. The end is in every aspect of the journey where all the means contain the end in them. The journey, with everything within you that needs to blossom to its fullest, takes time. Be responsible, and deeper and deeper into commitment until the journey becomes crystallized as part of your being.

Freedom, truth, and love may start with just a small taste, but remain focused on the pursuit of each, and it will ultimately fill every breath and step of your life. Once they fill your being, the experiences will be the platform from which you can only grow deeper into them. What ever transpires in life, those qualities are where you have allowed them to be experienced within. Each of them is best left to not wanting to possess them, but to enjoy them. Each step of the way will make you more thirsty for more, but particularly while accepting the openness of freedoms from within the heart.

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