Candle or Curse

Candle or Curse

The Thirteenth Candle by Pagan555

February 9, 2011
There is an old Eastern proverb that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Light a candle and it’s flame will burn as long as the burning wax remains. The wax sacrifices itself so the flame can burn, without it there is no light. The candle can be likened to each of us with the flame as ‘love energy’ to keep you burning brightly. No love, no flame.

Humans possess all qualities to feed or extinguish the flame. The aspects of our lower nature than reduce or extinguish the flame range from fear based inner non qualities such as apathy, anger, selfishness, lack of empathy and compassion, to self loathing, insensitiveness, and general lack of the ‘flame of self love’. For the flame of love to burn brightly, they must be sacrificed. Love requires sacrifice to the point of letting go of all negatives and bringing in an open heart to give to the other.

The fear of disappearing, or losing one’s wrongfully perceived identity is what contributes to a ‘flickering candle’ of love that reacts to every change of the weather of the moments. Parts of us must disappear for the love that is inside to arise more pure and luminous. One flame in a total let go merging with another one of the same, creates a new identity and expanded glow of love. One clear flame added to another creates a new flame, or an ‘us’ or ‘we’ that thinks and feels as a new being.

Unlike the candle with it’s limitation of how much wax can be burned, human love is limitless. When two flames are cojoined, the flame of love reaches unlimited depths that forever burn, and on their own apart from the flame illuminated by two together. The individual one, as a result, burns brighter than if it had not been united, and further fueled by another flame of love. Love given is like a magic potion beginning within the mother, and the first early years when the ‘flame’ grows to be able to attract its compliment. Once lit, unlike the candle that extinguishes itself, love begins at where it is indefinitely, and is open to growing. Little love flickers, and doesn’t nourish the soul as does the heart filled with love. The light of love that reaches as high as it can, remains within the individual throughout life and beyond. Love is inextinguishable, and inexhaustible! Edit out that which is love extinguishing, and love will flame to it’s fullness indefinitely. Be kind to yourself, and to another.


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