Intelligence Isn’t IQ

Intelligence Isn’t IQ

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February 7, 2011
High IQ people are often not very intelligent.  The word “Intelligence’ is often mindlessly used to describe people who really have a ‘gene’ that has an ‘eidetic’ or total recall memory capability. Of course memory can be developed, however, it seems some naturally have an ability to remember certain facts with no effort. It’s an intellectual phenomenon that has little to do with the combination of experience, emotional acumen, environmental influences, common sense, ability to sort out things, spiritual proclivity, etc. Intellect quotient is highly dependent on memory quality which is frequently mistaken for intelligence.

Loose and accepted definitions of words often are ‘boiler plate’, street vernacular, collectively accepted, and not challenged meanings that no one gives much thought to. ‘God and love’ would be significant examples of that with very ‘plastic’ accepted meanings that have little to do with meanings of depth.

Intellect supported by a strong memory capability is valuable in some circumstances, but misinterpreted to mean more than it really does. Often those who are particularly adept with ‘intellectual memory’ will be given more acknowledgement for what they say than is deserving due to deficiencies in the above mentioned qualities, particularly where ‘walking the talk’ has been falsely shown to equal ‘knowledge’. ‘Knowing’ comes from more than ‘knowledge of’. To ‘know’ is a step, sometimes huge, above ‘believing’. Is knowledge horizontal or ‘flat’ that one with a good memory accepts without the same ‘examination for facts and proof’ that one who ‘knows’, has?

‘Intellectual’ can be a highly useful gift in many areas like math, science, economics, and anything requiring ‘rote memory’, including examinations requiring the intellect. In the fields of ‘thought’ involving the heart and emotions, like religion, spirituality or psychology, one with this ‘memory quality’ can quote information, or others, like a computer or parrot, making it seem like ‘speaking truth’ to all but the rare discerning eye of experience, common sense and intuition. Judging a book (intellect) by it’s cover can be misleading and dangerous as these often are the people that control the mindset of the world. Always be aware that the gift of ‘total recall’ rarely means provable, positive results from action. Question all authority for ‘feel good sound bytes’ that have little to do with the reality. Illusions find comfort in believing and knowledge. Always seek to ‘know’, and find balance of all inner qualities.

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