Silence of the Sheeple

Silence of the Sheeple


February 4, 2011
LIkely you are a sheeple! Sheeple are inconsequential to life outside of their close family and friends, in fact, most are poor communicators to even those.  Communication and agreement are above love. A ‘sliver of love’ will due if there is communication with all those close as well as making a difference with others, in other words, ‘activism’. Eyeballs meeting eyeballs is a loving gesture, or put another way, responsible.

We make all kinds of agreements that need to be nourished, and sustained by affirmation to the partnering that was created and involved in the agreement. It might be a ‘bill’ owed, or a sensitive, empathetic acknowledgement with another. Communication is ‘greasing the wheels of operation’ to make a smooth journey. Avoidance of ‘connecting’ is selfish, or potentially damaging to the vehicle, and awaiting participant be it a can, animal, flower garden, or even a ‘real’ human being.0

Yapping or quoting nonsense, such as babbling when the alleged listener is being kinda forced to be polite, is the mark of rudeness or a rape of the others ‘space’. Always, communication involves complete affirmation of the acceptance of the others willingness to participate. I’ve known many ‘gabbers’ who are on ‘autopilot’ when it comes to saying what they want to say without checking on the others openness to listen. Compassion is a necessary quality of communication where the others interest is established, and given caring consideration.

Selfishness arises as a result of no communication, or communication that does not reach a waiting source. Personal communication with those who you have an agreement with on some level of understanding is a godly requirement. Gaps of connecting are reasons to examine ones ethics and values in life. Today, ask anyone if they are ‘spiritual’ and you’ll likely get an affirmative. Makes no difference what people call themselves, ‘sheeples of communication and openness’ are everywhere. The ways of communication are infinitely more available than a few short years ago, but the ‘sheeple’ still are stuck back in the 13th century except for technological toys of amusement and distraction.

Walk your talk, but first make sure that you’ve created the best examples of living that you can talk about. Lousy talk, and communication is easy to walk, but only a shadow of authenticity. Doing ‘self talk’ of ‘how’s and ways’ to open up to loving one’s self more is a good start.

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