Romantic Hitman

Romantic Hitman


February 2, 2011
Stealth killers of love live in a bubble of the polarity of ‘giving to take’. They exist in both sexes, but look consciously or unconsciously, to satisfy the fantasies of the brain located both in their heads and down in their pajama bottoms. Mutual sensitivity from beginning to end is to create a taste of love that unfolds into meaningful joy. To use anyone, while for their displeasure, is simply tantamount to various levels of rape.

To lure with false information is to be no less than a huckster no matter what the circumstances or goal might be.  However, satisfying each other’s biological needs is more than equivalent to most people’s spending an hour in church. In fact, it would be a better world if more would be open to friendly, compassionate biological meditation, or just called plain and simply, fucking.

However, to avoid mutual biological pleasure, or it’s opposite, which is to live to seek it at every moment, with little openness, and lasting wishes for anything but the ‘roll in the hay’ is to embrace many of the seven deadly sins like lust, greed, gluttony, and sloth. To find satisfaction in playing in the field of those four is make one a ‘barbarian of consciousness’, or just a ‘hitman’ for satisfaction of the desires of the ego.

Few know the meaning of what one of those four called ‘sloth’ is. Medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas said Sloth is “sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good… [it] is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds.” In essence, it’s to bypass any significant spiritual evolution into the virtues of making one into a ‘conscious, loving human being. A ‘sloth’ is a bottom feeder with ample portions of lust, greed and gluttony.

Examples of the many virtues to counteract the 7 deadly sins are awareness, prudence, justice, tolerance, compassion, love, and a deep love of who you are inside. The ‘hitman of lust’ gloats over his sensitivity to his own needs. Sensitivity may be a virtue, but not just self sensitivity. Take time always to be a glutton of sensitivity for others with compassion and love. If it take two willing people to tango, it takes at least 2 billion to move the planet into the light of consciousness. The age of world romance is possible by spreading freedoms in love and openness.

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