No Condom on Misery

No Condom on Misery

Depression by cheerchic42792

January 31, 2011
Deal with it! Avoidance isn’t always the best choice with life’s negative emotions. Turning on the TV, reading a book, going to a movie, overeating, taking drugs or even complaining are not the best ways to deal with depressions and misery. Avoiding yourself is to avoid all the buried qualities within. Where you are at, is perfect for where you’ve been. Avoiding anything that bothers you is to keep it in storage, always ready to either pop out or influence life choices.

Why ‘avoid’ when it’s an opportunity to convert a negative feeling into something that is positive and feels good. Be thankful that someone has caused you to feel miserable as now you have the chance to bring up love from your heart toward what or whomever caused the reaction. Avoiding ‘that within’ is to avoid the medication that comes in the form of opportunity to transform, and transcend into a more positive light. We are, in a sense, human transformers.

Be scientific, choose to escape those habits which hold you back. Transformation of the negative into the positive takes courage, the courage to step outside of the routines that shackle the heart and mind to looping old unresolved memories. Memories that cause the forms of misery, are invited in if not invited out, put another way, detached from their pain, anguish, or discomfort. Take a look deeply at why they were given to you. As a child, it likely was ‘unresolved issues of misery’ that the parent was given by their parent, and them by their parent, ad infinitum.

Start new, fresh as the beginning of a whole new direction instead of that which has been inherited from centuries of the past. This is the ‘age of breakout’ into who you really want to be, and are, deep inside. Old habits and miseries are passed on to generations, but create a new plan, and avoid ‘in positivity’, the temptation to repress, paradoxically, by avoiding what misery lurks within you. Face it. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, being silent, and watch what feeling comes up. At first, it may be the misery, but remain in ‘awareness’ while feeling the pain and hurt. Experience it, embrace it, and after a few days of doing this meditation, a subtle opening of a new energy will begin to arise. It’s all energy, and perfectly capable to transcend from lower (misery) to higher. Healing takes time, and faith that we can heal ourselves. Memories that cause misery need not be forgotten, but understood, and risen above into a let go. Pain and suffering can become ecstasy, joy, and blissfulness.


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