Christians are Atheists

Christians are Atheists


February 3, 2010
A Jesus would not be impressed by those who’ve clung to words purported to have been said by him, but mostly by the behavior of people who think they are ‘saved by him’! In corporate sales on Wall St., I learned a saying that surely applies here, ‘When you’re hot, you’re hot, when you’re not, you’re not, and you can’t beg, borrow, steal or smell it downwind’! Somewhere in the bible people are classified as either cold, lukewarm, or hot for Jesus. Well, cold and lukewarm is what all but a few christians are, and those that are HOT, are open to all information of love and awareness regardless of whether it come from the bible or not!

Atheists are not necessarily christians, but I certainly would raise my eyes to the sky if I were part of any group that professes being ‘saved’ acting like I’ve see everyone who has identified themselves as christians do. All religions are about ‘some’ version of god, even the Buddhists who shy away from direct acknowledgement of the discombobulated interpretations that float among the billions in other religions.

A house divided against itself falls. Christians are all very focused on the ‘creator God’, and less so on the creation, and, there is a very noticeable division here! There is allegiance to the ‘creator’, and the afterlife at the expense of the creation! The ‘creation is evolving’ and is all aspects of life with the choice of creating destruction or positive creation. God (the word used in the English language) is ‘creation’ of all, and eternally ongoing. To serve God is to serve creation here and now, not tomorrow, and some heaven in the sky. To not be a full, loving participant in evolving creation is to be an atheist!

Worshipping the beyond, and not being completely open, and active in the here and now is ‘atheistic’ regardless of what ‘name tag’ people wear on their foreheads, and how many times they go to church or holy place! A true Christian denounces the label of being a Christian, and does the works of love, life and compassion for themselves and all of life. The same thing applies to every adherent in all religions. The messiah and God are creation itself in the highest form of its expression. Jesus was not a Christian, and no other has been. Have the courage to toss out labels, and find ways to promote the creation of more love. Love is in no holy books, but in you!

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