Collapse of Religions

Collapse of Religions

January 30, 2011

What’s the speed of dark? Then there is the person who lives in denial who says, ‘I  intend to live forever … so far so good’! There is an end and a beginning with most phenomenon. Religions had a beginning, and that which begins, ends. Truth and love have no beginning and no end – it’s always there waiting for the billions of interpreters like yourself. A few hundred or a few thousand years ago (or for the ‘offshoots’, recent), all religions we now have were not, just truth and love existed at the peaks of life.

Civilization as we have known it, is crumbling, leaving both havoc and blessings in its wake. Those who cling to perceptions that have been institutionalized and accepted as the ‘way’, are being exposed, as the lights of the new civilization arises, primarily at this time with its new ‘technologies’. Still, it is happening in just small pockets of humanity of individual consciousness. The freedom to find the answers to who we are, and what life is all about are being explored by ‘the chosen’ on their own without any dogma that continues to serve the masses who can’t see outside the box of closed mindedness.

Resistance to let go of ancient religions of archetypes mixed with ‘feel good information’, is slipping away but for the stubborn and lazy to find their ways out of the box of illusions. We are entering the age of ‘post religion’, but it’s flowering needs nurturing as the religion addicts, apathetic, and atheists are ‘barnacled’ to a way of life that will only be read about in tomorrow’s boring history books. Resistance goes from the billions of individuals living in fear to the religion’s leaders, politicians in fear of speaking out, to the media whose ‘income’ is controlled by the advertising corporations not wanting to ‘offend’ the people they are trying to reach to ‘vacuum up their money’.

‘The Fall of Rome’ happened centuries ago, and seems like little more than a story, but  the fall now is the whole earth that is referred to as civilization but isn’t very civilized. Mass means of communication from cell phones, TV, computer internet, movies, music, travel by planes, and on and on, flatten the earth into an emerging large community of resisting but melting cultures. America is even no longer the most English speaking country, as the Chinese have more English speaking people. ‘Old man’ still comes with the newly born to ones over 100, but that ‘life is better’ moment that was only in imaginations for thousands of years is ‘here now’. Time to let go of being attached to that which begins and ends, and seek that which has no beginning or ending. Truth and Love, the only religiousness with no before and after.

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