Wish for Nothing

Wish For Nothing


January 29, 2011

… And, you’ll never be disappointed! Come as you are! Be who you are! Freedom is not just a word, but being free of all that makes you a prisoner of what follows you in the mind every day and night. Break the chains of bondage that clings you to the past of yesteryear, and the decades and centuries of those who came before you who are the long gone family you never knew.

Heart ache and tragedy have come before you. Don’t let the heartaches of others follow like a shadow in your every footstep. As the winds of time blow, let them blow away the demons and negativities that seem to have entered your soul. Money doesn’t buy freedom because freedom can’t be bought.

Find the freedom to love and love love’s enriching delights. Be satisfied with where you are while moving forward step by step to another dimension. Morning after morning, start again into the passions of life’s givings with the spirit of goodness in your heart. There is no day like today, as today is the future and the past gift wrapped into the present and now. Tomorrow’s are today. All the past memories are ‘now’. Make them a present into the present.

Find the entertainment within as innertainment, and then wishing for nothing will be a path to the freedoms from the mind. The way is the way of the heart, the mind is merely a guest to invite in with the heart. When the heart is in the mood to give to the mind it will create a heart-mind connection of freedom. Risk the moment, and let the mind fall into the heart as an escape from the shackles and shadows that linger as unwanted guests in the land of peace in the being.

There are many roads away from who you really are, and many ‘sirens’ in infinite masquerades to lure you into the forests of darkness. Seek that small light within the heart to breath it into a flame to ignite the flicker of excitement that will propel you into the light. The ‘spirit of the moment’ is the fragrance to let the joys and blessings within to light all the forests of delusion into the truths of the peaks of consciousness that have been hidden forever as a seed within. Wishing upon a star may enrich the imagination, but the universe will answer the call of the aware heart and mind of giving, while not expecting anything.

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