In God We Trust … Hmmm?

In God We Trust … Hmmm?

January 28, 2011
The mind is a groove of repetitions, the more something is repeated, the deeper goes the groove. The mind left as an undiscerning vacuum of sound bytes from the world, relaxes into an unchallenging acceptance of unexamined repetitive rhetoric. The mind that just believes without an open ended mind, is the mind of a robot or a disk that gathers more and more dust and scratches. God? Trust?

Do you know trust? Who do you trust? Do you move as deep into love of another as you can imagine with full trust? How can you know God without that, other than as a word on a printed page. Truth never comes on a printed sheet of paper, just thoughts on things, and pointers, when, if actualized deeply, could bring answers that pull back the veils of seeing and being. Trust in what you don’t know for sure, is a gamble, and not one to get into a grove of repetition with. The blocked mind is quick to serve the ego as ‘knowing’, based on belief or faith. That’s an ‘oxymoron’ as belief/faith, and knowing are contradictory.

Fuzzy, feel good platitudes are for the weak minded who need simple sound bytes to know all is well while the world spins quite a different tune. Awareness, or paying attention to ‘seeing through the sleep pills for drones’ is the real pill for waking up to see the truths. Living in the ‘illusion’, is to accept avoidance of all mysteries of life, good or bad. Belief and undiscerning acceptance only deepen, by repetition , the grove of delusion and ignorance.

No written word is needed to love! However, seems that it’s needed for God according to the ‘religion’s salesman’. No need to preach love, why should their be a need to preach God?! Two people who have no belief in people’s repetition of God can still trust each other, and love. To know life’s benevolent mysteries has nothing to do with a word that is over used, abused, and not ever remotely defined. Love comes from no book. Nothing in the bible or any book on religion teaches love no more than Shakespeare or Dostoyevsky does. Not being able to teach love, why not also the inability to teach something far more obscure like god? Love is taught by osmosis of conscious, sensitive giving and receiving, while letting go of the desires, and knowledges of the mind. Then a godliness and trust of existence arises in the being. There is a God, there is no God, both are lies. The truth can only be found in you!

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