Beliefs: Closed or Open?

Beliefs:Closed or Open?

photoJanuary 27, 2011
Window blinds can be opened or closed letting the light in, or keeping it darker. Primitive man not yet awake in the modern era of the 20th and 21st century, still by the billions, keeps the ‘blinds’ of their heart and mind closed for fear of what might be in the light. Ironically, darkness is both fearful, and yet protects them from knowing what’s beyond the ‘closed beliefs’.

Hunkered down in the dark forests of the fearing mind, the fearful reaches into their bag of protection from information that might leave them naked in their fear and insecurity should they not find the ‘tool of denial’ in their bag of protection. The ‘closed believers’ actually have a black sleeping mask and ear plugs in that bag in case the interference gets too strong. To support their ‘fear of facts and truth’, they find comfort in the friendship of like minded ‘fearers if the dark’, and even a deep phobias of the dark, or information contrary what they’ve been programmed with.

Truth from actual ‘knowing’ may give the more open types the ‘heebie-jeebies’, but the mental disorder is not apparent. To ‘believe’ can be wonderful, but to suspect, or know that ‘belief’ is just a step away to the ‘cord that opens the blinds’ to what’s behind the dark that can be revealed, is comforting. Closed minds that sweep away all information to the contrary form massive group like cults of protection from what they regard as ‘evil non-believers’.

Many ‘nonbelievers’ are just lost in the soup of life, and look to survival methods, and once found, find belief in the material life.
A growing, but still small, collection of ‘non believers’, actually likely went through the ‘open minded believing’ phase in maturing to seeing beyond ‘beliefs’ to what really is ‘in the light’. The ‘internet’ in a way, is like window blinds (in fact they even call it ‘Windows’) to find information that those dedicated to the finding the ‘objective facts and truths’ have uncovered and posted for a more enlightening perspective.

A horse walking in the busy streets wears ‘blinders’ on the side of their eyes because they can’t handle what’s really happening to the side of them. ‘Beliefs’ are always attached to the concept of ‘not knowing’, but need to be discarded when one comes to the realization of the true facts. Believing is usually the beginning of the ‘aha of knowing’. From ‘knowing’, we move to higher ‘believing’, seeking information with an open mind or heart to a knowing. Freedom comes with knowing.


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