January 26, 2011
‘Spiritual quackery’ from ancient time still floats like ‘scum on a motionless pond’! All adherents to what’s called christianity or ‘christinsanity’ are at best, ‘cathoholic birthers’. Protesting and calling yourself a ‘protestant’ is just a spin, albeit perhaps an improvement, but none the less, the same parentage. Love them all, for they know not what’s beyond the ‘usury’ of the ‘sheep herders’.

Love is a four letter word that has a plastic meaning to mollify the listener and the ‘spewer’, with good unconscious intentions, but none the less, artificial. Love needs no religion! Religions are great for politicians to herd people into voting blocks that serve their agenda. Religions are for the ‘too lazy’ to seek the answers sought from within as well as experience. Religions are a pill! Perhaps the ‘pharmaceutical conglomerates’ will find ways to market them!

God or godliness needs no religion, in fact it’s a barrier to the real thing which only can be experienced individually. Laziness and fear of the unknown are characteristics for religions to prey upon for stupid converts. One religion, or one that masquerades as a religion instead of an ideology, has men all over the world down on their knees praying to an ‘artificial boogyman’ in the sky – women must stay home and serve these numbskulls. We are blessed to live in a world where information on the inner mysteries of life, and what the individual needs to do to access them is incredibly available for those who take the time to search just a little.

Walking away from the ‘cess pool of any religion’ is to have the possibility of living the meaning of ‘godly consciousness’, and out of the imprisonment of the box with recycled food for ‘bottom feeders’. You are no less than anyone who walked tall on earth at any time, but for your rising to the consciousness that has been repressed by the ‘donkeys called religions’. Every donkey has some value, but given the choices in the 21st century, it’s time to fly above the dust into the celestial consciousness. Earth has been here millions of years, and for a moment on your soul journey, this is an opportunity now that millions of years have not provided. Be passionate about the journey into the uncharted love and wisdom hidden within you. Throw old crutches away, and fly to new unexplored dimensions of love and life! Pope’s, prophets, and all religious salesmen only exist as middlemen. Why take a middleman into ventures of love – it’s only an unseen barrier.  Religions are middlemen. Go direct!

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