Manage the Idiot

Manage the Idiot


January 22, 2011
Everyone has at least a little of the idiot hidden away for unexpected use. Many frequently let ‘the idiot’ lead the way through the ‘bramble bushes of misunderstandings’. Typically, most carry within them issues, or childhood traumas that remain unresolved, or not ‘let go of’ for some peace of being. What you may not find the way to ‘rise above’ in the past and let go of, can still be skillfully managed to not be the impairment in daily life that burying oneself in pain and hurt cause.

The ‘idiot’ is not in harmony with their higher self or the balances of life. Love is a must for spiritual growth. Love is never really found unless it’s always available to be felt. Love is a mirror that you need to have experienced by looking into the eyes of another who loves you and themselves. Love is a spiritual mirror that nourishes and feeds you to integrate you into a harmony with the self. When the only mirror is the mind of bad unresolved memories, and persistently requiring the need to artificially quench the thirsts by the drinks of the outer titillations to temporarily sooth inner discomforts, there is no peace or love of self, or anyone.

Life is more fair than not. Those who’ve experienced love and harmony, while growing from infancy with little or no traumas in reaching adulthood, will have the tools to continue life’s blessings of love. It’s only fair that whatever has transpired in early life be a rock of foundation for the future. Those who have met unfortunate circumstances, whatever they may be, inherit an invisible energy within for the opportunity to excel in their chosen endeavors with more intensity naturally. However, that energy of intensity can, and should, be also used to focus on discovering the ‘hows’ to find and learn the secrets of inner growth that may be much easier for those raised in love and little complications.

The person who does not ‘love’, becomes imprisoned in desires for power and money, or even negativity of many virtueless manifestations. Another way of saying it would be, ‘the love of power, like the politician, or love of money at the expense of love of self, or any negative use of energy that harms others. Suffering and constantly seeking the approval of the outside is the result of ignoring the attention to the ‘idiot’ that is never satisfied within. At best, one needs to manage ones fears, anxieties, panic attacks, and all self sufferings to find some consistent harmony with others and life. However, being vulnerable to love of self and from others is needed to rise above that which follows you as the shadow of dark memories. Opening the heart with greater awareness and sensitivity, is a step in the journey to deep love and finding the mirror of love to merge into.

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