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January 19, 2011
Addicted to habits. The ‘addiction’ isn’t the source of the unresolved ‘karma’ of ‘demons from the past’ that lurk relentlessly in ‘sleep, and every waking moment’. Addictions, are merely symptoms of being addicted to habits that reflect not pulling the ‘weeds’ out of the past that continue to endlessly grow. Always, it’s time to weed the garden, for the beauty to grow! Addicted to bad habits is only a coverup. Denial of being addicted to bad habits is ‘self brain washing’, and with polluted water!

‘Vigilance’ is a ‘souped up’ awareness that involves discernment of what’s going on that needs the attention of best choices when challenges present themselves. Those who live just for the moment, with little or no regard for ‘consequences’ of bad habits, particularly those that infringe on others ‘spaces’, are ‘habitually habiticted’ to persist in continuing in the same footprints. It pays to be a converter of bad habits into replacing and converting into good ones. Whether following the solitary path of meditation, or the love path in a relationship, bad habits are a ‘fly in the soup’.

A ‘down on luck’ friend in need of accommodations stayed here. It didn’t take long to see multiple bad habits. She denied the habits as anything but, ‘accept me as I am’. For several month, I elected to have her sleep in the same room on the spare bed. Sleeping or awake, bad habits were the name of her game. Once a week, she would lose her bus pass for the month on the bus. Often she’d forget where she left the bus pass before going, while also losing the purse somewhere that she thought it was in.  The cell phone always walked away somewhere mysterious. Finding keys was another problem. On and on! She smoked. Couldn’t quit no matter what help she was given. I pointed out to her many times, that she was addicted to bad habits apart from the addiction to chemically laced tobacco. Even if quitting smoking, she would still be ‘hard wired’ on bad habits that she refused to correct with vigilance and discernment for a more harmonious life for her and others. Sadly, a female with also many good qualities, but one who, until she reached middle age, bathed in comments over her beauty with little concern for her clearing up ‘issues’ as she became mesmerized by ‘over attention’, especially from strangers.

A joke: Two missionaries were captured by a tribe of cannibals who put them in a large pot of boiling water. After a few minutes, one of the missionaries started to laugh uncontrollably. “What’s so funny?” said the other. The first missionary replied: “I just peed in the soup!”

Nothing can change the past, but the future is possible. To change the future is to change all.  Start by changing your everyday ways of life, trading bad habits for good ones. Start by understanding the laws of life. A fundamental one is  the law of karma – whatsoever you do, you will have to reap sooner or later.  Never forget that even for a single moment, for even that is a bad habit that keeps one on the ‘endless wheel’ of going no where. Life is a series of choices to make it blissful and consistently harmonious.

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