Fools ‘Believe’

Fools ‘Believe’


One Day at a Time

January 20, 2011
‘To believe’ is a start! ‘To know’ might start with believing, but with an open mind of discernment for truth. One who is intelligent and mature can certainly be a ‘believer’, be it in religion or some other phenomenon, but will have an open mind for information which may change that belief. ‘Belief’ can be a journey to climb the ladder of more and more concrete knowledge, and ultimately, possible knowing.

To ‘believe’, in a court of law is generally dismissed as unsubstantial evidence. Much suffering, even if mixed with agreements, is cast by ‘believing’ without clear evidence – that’s why in religions, it’s necessary to have beliefs because the leaders have some doubt without it. There are times when it’s necessary to believe when there is an element of doubt especially without anyway of ‘knowing’. To be able to ‘believe’ (or believe in) is a critical quality of life. A blind man must believe in other’s ‘knowing’.

As the blind person becomes capable of seeing, they no longer have to believe what they can see for themselves. Now that we have modern developing technology to focus in on facts that were unsubstantiated before, ‘beliefs’ become more unnecessary. Only those who refuse to be open and refuse to accept facts beyond assumptions, are left in the dark. To be ‘frozen in time, or in the ego’ is to be a ‘fool’. Fool’s live in a ‘fantasy land’, that may seem to work for them, but in this day of struggling growing enlightenment, it retards the unneeded collective dysfunctional harmony that causes so much unnecessary suffering.

A rolling stone of assimilating new credible information, gathers no moss of ‘beliefs’. Beliefs can stunt the growth on wisdom as well as love’s growth. Nothing in life stays packaged with no change for healthy evolvement. Life is like a river, always moving, in flux, and changing from it’s old path. Kids begin their growth with believing in everything, and hopefully, slowly evolve beyond ‘believing’ in concepts like Santa Clause, but instead just enjoy the concept and the celebration around it especially, to enjoy seeing the very young in their excitement and joy.

Believing can be an important step in the journey of accumulating knowledge leading to knowing truths. Always have an ‘open end’ to beliefs to invite in facts counter to the ‘belief’, while at the same time, letting go of the fears of that which begins to remove what you have clung to as true. Beliefs are never true without knowing, and then they are no longer beliefs. False love, or love that disappears, is a belief, and never real love.

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