Hallucinating Love is Hell

Hallucinating Love is Hell Face Plant

photoJanuary 18, 2011
The heart and mind play tricks that as ‘after thoughts’, were
hallucinations. Put more palatably – misinterpretations, bad
judgments, biological tricks, or perhaps ‘glimpses of love as it
could be’. When two meet to immerse in an over whelming feeling
of love that continues through life’s challenges, where the
thought or sight of the other is a breath of fresh air, where
the other can do no wrong, love is real.

Love that doesn’t live up to the standards of making one always feel at least a little ‘drunk on the feeling’ is but a ‘taste of love’, sometimes delicious, sometimes a ‘yo-yo’ of doubts, apathy, anger, and ecstasy. The mind and heart must be open and clear of all obstructions that limit a total let go. Hallucinations of love being somewhere other than within you are just that, ‘hallucinations’, or avoidance of the truth.

Meditation prepares the ground for love to transcend the ‘off again, on again’ challenges that pollute the peaks of love that arrived earlier. Deep love is meditation, as deep meditation is a preparation for love to blossom. One light in meditation is bright, two in meditation is even brighter. Two in deep love are in meditation, and walk in the light of a peaceful, blissful stillness of love endlessly, apart or together. Love has its own mysteries, and is not about togetherness necessarily but the freedom to let go and be you with that love wherever you go.

False love either disappears, stays in the shadows of alternating light and darkness, or falls into the hell that each brought to the initial romance that evaded the communication and openness needed. Love doesn’t take work, but the grounds for it to grow must to be fertile. Karma of ones previous experience, be they blissful, or traumatic, will determine what the possibilities are of love’s state. If the karma or past has been loving, the chances are best that the communing of two souls will reach to consistent peaks of joy and bliss. Love must always be the primary focus. When love is not working, it’s love that’s the barrier, and not outside forces. Always be open to ‘love’ as the answer to what may be the problem, or missing. Love is always either in the shadows, or in the light of experiencing it. Live love, not hallucinate it!

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