Give Up Craving

Give Up Craving


January 14, 2011
Give up craving and you end suffering. You don’t crave something, you can’t suffer about it. Giving up craving is giving up ‘desire’. Giving up the attachment to ‘desire’ eliminates unnecessary suffering. Desire is a trap and the creator, destroyer and mirror of who you are not. Be free of cravings, and the trap of desires that take you down the rabbit hole of endless wanting, but never finding satisfaction.

The mind is utilitarian, not your God, or even you! The mind has been both underrated, and overrated. The mind is a gift to assimilate information, and yet cancel out the unnecessary information, or information overload. The mind is a blessing when used in harmony with the heart to discern direction and choices for the betterment of one’s journey in life. ‘In the mind’ is to be in a state of neglect to compassion, and love’s many qualities that bring a godliness into one’s life. The mind can be culturally inhibited or skewed to see only what has been programmed into it without the breezes and illumination of the heart having it’s input.

The mind is susceptible to covert, and perhaps ‘well meaning’ information, that has been ‘packaged’ by those with an agenda of a certain belief, or viewpoint to control one for the purpose of enhancing their own status. Teachers in education ‘factories’, while serving a good intended purpose, follow in the footsteps of those who came before, presenting information acceptable to the collective unconscious with little or no examination for accuracy.

Craving love is but to invite suffering in, as love doesn’t want to be craved, nor is it possible with craving to enter the vulnerable frequency of loves lure. Filled in the mind with thoughts of love is to banish love for ongoing suffering of wondering where it’s at, and why it doesn’t come and overwhelm. Giving of the heart to the world in general while loving ones inner self, is to be in the ‘zone of love’. Be free of ‘pining’ or thirsting for the touch of love from the mind. The mind is both your enemy but when coupled with discernment, a loyal friend. Truth arises when craving and desires are no longer at the forefront of one’s outreach into the infinite moments that arise as incessantly as the sun daily. Freedom needs no desire, but comes in consciousness. Pop the bubble of attachment to that which you cling to.

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