Love Affair with Slots

Love Affair with Slots


January 11, 2011
The ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling is the slot machine. Cancel love and all common sense for the thrill of pulling the one arm bandit arm. Predatory gambling is a revenue raiser for the government. There are 850,000 slot machines in America with more than all the ATM, movie and sports ‘takes’ combined. Distractions that medicate people from taking responsibility for their own inner evolution and social activism are beyond epidemic.

Adults seem to forget that they are no longer immature children, but beings that can make a considerable difference to themselves, and others beyond fostering a gluttony of ‘escapist’ entertainment for themselves. Ignoring all but making more money, and what it can buy, needs the analysis of compassion for others, common sense, and responsibility.

This is a time of unprecedented change, once again moving beyond the past, with the skyrocketing developments in technology while facing a humanity more and more that is far slower to adapt to those changes. People are spending significant free time immersed in the use of these developments which have increasingly accelerated in the last decades. Knowledge, and use of ‘play toys for adults’ increases exponentially while the maturing of the inner qualities lags from neglect, and it’s lessening of it’s importance as a ‘priority’. Lackadaisical concern for all but the accumulation of money and the gifts it buys must not be of more concern than personal development, and playing a positive role likewise in community and the world.

Inner neglect by the masses that translates to outer preoccupations, is a by-pass of life’s meaning. Taking a thought from President John F. Kennedy when he said, ‘it’s not just what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’, can be spun to include, ‘what can you do to be the best human you can be, and assist others on their path to that’? Life is not a ‘complaining session’ that avoids looking at yourself, but one in which making adjustments to turn all negatives into an opportunity to find the positives as well as self love within.

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