Christ & Buddha Consciousness

Christ & Buddha Consciousness


January 9, 2011
“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Mahatma Ghandhi

Mixing a solution of Christ consciousness with that of a Buddha consciousness, one gets a pure workable consciousness. Consciousness is a word that has baffled ‘so called experts’ endlessly, however, it entails being alert, awake; aware; aware of one’s own existence; aware of one’s own awareness. However, missing from most descriptions that refer to the mental, is an open loving heart. A consciousness of the mind, although valuable, is missing its divine ingredient that activates all the positive emotions from sadness, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, grief, kindness, and all feelings that can be attributed to the ‘mysteries of love’, as well as making one more whole.

It is blindness to follow ‘archetypes of consciousness’, especially if only one ignores all but one, and yet doesn’t create themselves in the image of ‘godness’. All written works lose some meaning from the mouth of the contributor especially if it’s written as if from, or through god as ‘god’s word’. Not that it always would, but any male giving birth to what amount to dictums of behavior without the touch of  the female, neuters it into ‘just mental’.

Human’s become dry, angry, and prone to warring when the touch of the heart doesn’t imbibe itself in the head constantly.  Humans need balance. Balance must come not only from the aware mind, but in positive collusion with the open heart to formulate action that creates a world of ‘godlike humans’. Analysis alone won’t do it, nor will clarity, or knowledge. As the body needs food, so the soul needs love. The breath that continues the life of the body, must have the energy that refreshes the warmth of the soul.

The supply of love may be invisible, but is in endless supply to the open.  Whether it be triggered by conscious openness, or a simple hug, neglect of these infinite simple gestures will help light up the life that needs to feel the energy of the heart. The opening heart creates moments of the innocence of a child that radiates throughout the being. The mind becomes too much ‘adult’ without the marriage of the loving heart. Become a ‘lamp post’ of the heart for yourself first, then let it spread like wildfire to the far reaches of the planet. A Christ would love a Buddha, and a Buddha would love a Christ, and want all to slip into the innocence of a ‘BuddhaChrist Consciousness’. The ‘Scriptures’ of consciousness are written in your heart. Be the ‘vehicle of merging, emerging consciousness’.

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