Disillusion over Rainbows

Disillusion over Rainbows


January 5, 2011
Thinking in life has been improved and advanced by the birth of the ‘internet’ where infinite questions can be accessed with just knowing where to look. However, there are also infinite questions which can only be answered by experience and an attitude that seeks the best answers. Life is a ‘pot of gold’ for those who learn to experience consistent love within themselves apart from philosophies, religions, and just  words, words.

Disillusion comes mostly to those who live by the mind with little attention to the ‘rainbows’ of the heart that reveal answers far more rich and real than than the minds ‘dryness’. Life is a bit like a ‘lottery’ where when participating, you never know what will come up, but the mystery, while being in the state of the unattached heart, is an opportunity to make life an exciting journey. Bringing the mind into the personal aspects of life often distorts what is, and can especially be when the clouds of despair rain down in the dark of the night. The day brings rainbows!

Life seeing ‘no’s’ wherever one looks is of the mind where the rainbows are either not there, or weak. Always see clearly when the rains fall, and create your own bright sunshiny days! Say ‘YES’ to everything, but without ignoring the negative, and how to see clearly through it. It’s in the attitude! Encounter life ‘face to face’, and with a view of seeing the real rainbows that are always there waiting for discovery. Check out of the self critical mind, and into the breath of the heart.

Become a ‘melodic master’ of the music of life within, as well as spreading the news to others who can’t seem to find rainbows that they appreciate. Way down inside are the answers to everything that the ‘guru’s’ espouse to keep you rollin’ on heart energy. Make your dreams come true by staying in the energy of the heart. Love is the answer and the question. There is no connection to god or godliness through the mind alone where the heart doesn’t feel the love all around. Give time, time to expose the answers without the questions. The mind has a place, and it needs to step back and let the heart’s energy to have it’s say. Say yes unconditionally to the heart!

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