Bug Lights of Reason

Bug Lights of Reason
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January 8, 2011
Bug lights are used to keep the flies like mosquitos away, or if one is serious, using a ‘bug zapper’ kills those who are not paying attention to the attraction of not making right choices! Likewise, humans are inclined to take the easy routes, and ignore the dangers of the infinite ‘zappers’ that cause fear, discontent, unhappiness, and even tragedies that lurk in the world of the ‘sheeple’. The apathetic, ostrich like, laziness of humans is their ‘wolf’ that comes from the dark to change their way of peacefulness.

The mind that is closed, is the mind that traps the bugs of the world to clog the senses of reasoning. It is far easier to occupy oneself throughout life with feeding the desires of the narcissistic imagination than to open the shades of the mind to let the light of reason in. In America, this is best illustrated in the ‘beer and chips’ season of the football ‘Superbowl’ where desires to close the mind to all but which end the ‘ball’ goes to, enchants the myopic mind for weeks, until a few days later, Valentines Day responsibilities ring in their fears of having to open the heart.

Abuse of the minds ability to be aware of what reason says to avoid, or conversely when reason should inform the mind to ‘let go’, and tell the heart to take over, often seems to have a ‘bug light’ operational to avoid the beauty of life’s sensitivities. Dimming the lights of productive reasoning, or to dim the lights of the heart of feeling is to follow the collective pack referred to as ‘sheeple’. Some things never change, unless you make the decision to live outside the ‘box’ of the ‘white sound’ that blurs all but the ‘animal desire’ of self gratification.

Remaining tethered to the prison of the non emptied trash of the mind, creates an irrelevance to all of life’s inner blessings. Why be a pretender of living life to the fullest while ignoring the pearls of wisdom within? Following the pack to the false light is to zap any search for truth. Truth is not a belief, but an avoidance of seeing the unique individual that you are. Whatever everyone else is following, move in the opposite direction to avoid the ‘light of mediocrity’, and death of finding what life has to offer in the heart. Avoid the ‘bug light of the common mind’, and let light into the heart.

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