Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed


December 24, 2010
A unique, strangely dressed, gangly man, often barefoot, covered thousands of miles in America’s midwest, throwing and planting appleseeds. Is it a myth like many of the symbolic archetypes of the holy books? Like many myths, a planter of seeds for good health and consciousness is what we all can give ourselves to nurture, and merge into our inner evolution. On the ‘flip side’ we can prepare the ground by opening our minds to receiving the seeds that will, with care, help us blossom into realized and divine human beings.

John Chapman was real, born in Massachusetts in the ’70’s of the 1700’s. As he grew into a young man he became a skilled nurseryman who grew trees and supplied apple seeds to pioneers in the mid-western USA. Johnny Appleseed gave away and sold many trees while owning many nurseries in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. There he grew his beloved apple trees, and then sold or traded them. Even though he was successful with his trees, he lived a simple life. He was a vegetarian (ate lots of apples too, I suspect), wore raggedy clothes, and was a very religious man, as he traveled talking about the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg and the church of New Jerusalem. Also, it is noted that as Johnny traveled, he allegedly wore his cooking pot on his head as a hat. Today, he would be regarded as a ‘bohemian’.

You need no barriers for your love and compassion coupled with a passion for giving the fruits of your love for yourself and the whole existence. In the ultimate analysis, the whole existence is yourself – yourself reflected in the many mirrors encountered as you walk through life. Nothing is separate from you. We all have the ‘seeds’ of love, compassion, awareness, and all the aspects possible in any human being, even the negative which grow as weeds if we don’t choose to nurture the positive qualities existence has given us hidden within.

Let the tears of love’s feelings flow as life presents situations that touch the heart. Be open, vulnerable and aware of being connected to all of life with it’s many surprises and mysteries. Those tears of feelings are what fall inside into the grounds of the heart to balance the mind with love and compassion. Life has natures songs without words that drum into one’s being. The heart hears as the qualities of the inner growth of small seeds grow and blossom into a Christlike or Buddha consciousness and love. Listen to the sounds from the ground and let them grow into a divine manifestation of you.

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