Forward, Upward, & Onward

Forward, Upward, & Onward
A "Jonathon Livingston  Seagull Moment" -- Santa Monica, CA by Vaguely Artistic
December 22, 2010
Like a rolling stone gathering no moss, at some point we need to start the climb to a higher level beyond the fray of the ‘bottom feeding’ – reaching higher, then moving forward in that new space. Aborted takeoffs seem common! Changing ‘scenes’ with no inner movement upward is ‘paddling against the tide. Just moving forward is to be attached to the desires of the material life, even if an hour or two a week is spent getting a quicky fix in a house of worship.

To be attached to the pursuit of survival even if it involves the accumulation of ‘things’ that make that survival more palatable, is going in circles of wasted energies and possibilities. Clinging to what hasn’t worked to your satisfaction, is pumping air into the air. Nothing leads to nothing. Moving on, and moving up into the gifts within that await your use, assure one of not playing ‘Russian roulette’ with the same result but different circumstances filling each new ‘change in life’.

Setting ‘everything’ aside, but you and your inner self, along with that daily visitor of what you have accumulated in life’s experiences, ask yourself if you are moving up on the inner, AND manifesting it on the outer? Like fresh cement, once it hardens, little can be done to start from a new freshness. The mind alone won’t freshen what’s hardened within. A revolution in the heart must stir the mind into a sense of discernment of higher modalities or experiences in life.

What you have been is not what you have to be. We are not just the body, but an invisible being that can take all forms. Identifying with who you see in the mirror is rarely who you are. You are no less than the highest spirit who walked the earth, except for being that spirit with whatever manifestations it brings. Make all experiences with discernment and awareness that they are of the best possible under the circumstances. Stop dragging in who you were, and be who you have the opportunity of seeing yourself as. Accumulate the best, most insightful experiences that await your discovery. Little steps forward, and upward, lead to a new level to onward! Release the negatives of the past, pull in the positives, and fly higher! Open up a new dimension to life every moment!

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