acharya's books imagereligion is a myth by Darwin Bell
December 17, 2010
The NWO (New World Order) will soon be influenced by a new entry exposed to billions for the first time – the secrets and coverups of the historical facts of ancient religions. WikiLeaks is exposing secret information between the players of governments world wide. The ‘lights of truth’ are coming on for the individual to the collective consciousness of the entire world primarily thanks to more open communication particularly through the internet.

A current group of objective scientists of religions historical ‘back story’, using prior research, networking of accumulated information from the past with verification procedures, are surfacing. Among them are Achaya S (aka D.M. Murdock), Sam Harris, Barbara Walker, and Richard Dawkins. Each of these, and others not mentioned, have been diligently researching all available information from sources that can be found  with the intent of ‘fact checking the ‘holy books’ as the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Talmud/Torah, Mahabharata, Buddha’s Sutras, Egyptian Book of the Dead, etc.

The findings change the whole state of religions dramatically. Major religions figures are found to be mythical symbols or archetypes of ancient pagan religions, and often represent observation of phenomenon from the natural world such as the sun, moon, stars, constellations, etc. Scholars over time added ‘stories and names’ to the various phenomenon which in turn became religions of the world that have evolved into the world’s biggest business, as well as a source of both confusion, inspiration, conflict, and wars.

The meaning of ancients use of words, as well as circumstances, have resulted in religions trying to fit a square peg into a round hole that’s not even there! One giant religion has been usurped, or a ‘knock off’ from two others, and has turned itself into an ideology. No religion is free of being an obstacle course that anyone can say is better than current spiritual and consciousness works that have evolved since the mid 20th century. Yet, even though the messages of religions are becoming more and more challenged for veracity with consequent weakening or dilution of the messages, they continue to shape the new world with ancient pablum.

Salesmen of religions number in the millions that results in keeping the ‘flock’ filling the pews or seats. Income is always one of the two motivations to keep each of them dedicated to seeing only the positives of their religion. All messages that are in the holy books have been replaced, updated, added to, refined, corrected, and just made into a better source for the evolvement of humans and the world. Gone are the mythical figures, and predicaments that ancient man who only lived to be 35-40 years, faced. The replacement information is supplemented by techniques for use to evolve stemming from meditation to an understanding and methods to deepen love and awareness. It’s time to cut the lies and seek the truths within to a better world of godliness. The Buddha or Christ is you evolving into the highest consciousness!

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