Dear on High Beam

Deer on High Beam


December 16, 2010

Truth is, the lights on high beam are challenging millions of years of living in the darkness. The deer on the dark road is you who stand there with the lights on you! The ego scoffs at the lights of truth becoming transparent in the world acting as if convinced the dude upstairs is not going to turn the lights out, with little or no notice, on everyone including you. Took you millions of years to come on stage at this precious time where answers are ricocheting at the speed of light to raise the consciousness of the individual and collective world.

It’s time to be like the wild animal who survives by being in full awareness at every moment. Whether with a loved one in bed, or in the crowds of the streets and highways of life, awareness brings relaxation and knowing. When I use to go to the ‘singles bars’ and ‘clubs’ in NYC, I found that just being aware and relaxed with who you are, not having to do anything but be the watcher of the mind and those around, the situation would take care of itself. Fear disappears when one is in total awareness of the moment, self and environment. Anything left to do will come in that zone or state of acceptance.

Uncomfortableness becomes comfortable when you let go in awareness. The enemy in the lights is you not adjusting to yourself and consequently the environment presented. Spiritual growth happens in awareness, especially when we are the watcher of our selves in all situations. The mind or ego puts demands on action that is above and beyond the call of duty. Each one is an individual expression of godliness that comes into focus with watchfulness of the self in all situations.

When we go to see a great movie that took tens of thousands of human hours to make, and yet choose to spend 1/2 the movie in the rest room, concession stand, looking around, and falling asleep, the essence of the movie will be missed by not watching everything. So it is with your life! Each is in a movie where they are co-producer, directors, support people, and you the actor. The lines are best when the mind is still and watching for the moves which will then come naturally. No expectations, just doing what comes innocently. Expect nothing, hope for the best, and enjoy with a sense of delight and humor inside as the watcher.

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