Man Made Woman

Man Made Woman


December 14, 2010
From the belly of woman comes a bundle of joy and innocence with unlimited potential to be a Christ child, or a Buddha to spread love and wisdom throughout the world. Years later an innocent child emerges as a programmed adult tourist in a world of window shopping, and neglectful of the wisdoms of life’s enlightening opportunities. All effort goes to enjoying the infinite benefits that have only emerged in recent years where before, none of today’s technological marvels existed.

Any man living today who isn’t completely in support of the freedom and choices for females, that men have, or are enjoying, is fodder for the growing field of psychological therapists. Man has enslaved woman throughout history, calling it ‘working together’, but for primarily his benefit. The few exceptions are dwarfed by comparison to the post neanderthals who judge and condemn their co-humans, the world females.

Man has been a predator of females to satisfy both his carnal, and unreleased instincts as well as his unidentified insecurities that possessively display themselves openly and covertly to the woman in captivity. The world is in constant war because man has not dealt with the war inside himself that encompasses his hatred and anger toward women except for those that stroke his ego. Man was born of a woman, and in a healthy state, recognizes and acts out being a combination of both male and female sensitive genders. The difference among the sexes has been wide, but in a conscious state becomes very finite.

Only in the last few decades have men in pockets of intelligence begun to see woman as equal albeit a little different. Slavery is both within most, and dominantly practiced in numerous cultures where ‘denial’ of it is an inherent characteristic. Saying yes to life and all it’s aspects is to affirm the highest possibilities unconditionally. Looking beyond one’s ego of negativity, you begin to see your reflection that promotes the love that the other has within them awaiting to be tapped. Look for the positives in the more sensitive gender instead of through unresolved issues that are projected on the other.

Man has played God long enough and created infinite negativity, dissension, and hatred. It’s time to stop, and look to identify, and heal that within that is the culprit in treating the opposite sex as inferior and a slave. Ever wonder why most women are the way that’s criticized? As the more sensitive gender, just maybe you as a male were the biggest contributor? Man is no god without the counterpart of women as goddesses. God may be man made, but so can Goddesses be, to make this an age of enlightenment.

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