Conditional Love Terrorism

Conditional Love Terrorism

photoDecember 15, 2010

Trust love, but carefully with those who don’t love themselves, and are always like the fumes from gas that doesn’t mix well with the light of a match. Conditional love can be a torture when it becomes torched! Pseudo love feels like the real thing, but is backed by self hatred that can ignite when least expected. Love exchanged needs awareness and discernment of both oneself, and the person loved.

Know loves ‘back story’! Love frequently brings with it issues unresolved which when mixed with those hidden, but dangerous to love, issues can, and likely will become explosive. Love is often ‘entangled’ such that it becomes blinded to reason for either partner. Love, particularly ‘new love’, raises one’s energy above what’s hidden that will inevitably arise to defeat the innocence of the ‘fragileness’ of a birth of love. Love becomes a strong binding only if each embodies strong self love. Weaknesses are exposed, and if not treated with communication and compassion will break the back of love before it’s really begun.

Withdrawal of affection can be terrorism, especially for a child who has no comprehension of why. Among the young, it’s likely to have a variety of immediate results, and certainly ones that affect any love relationship later. Someone who withdraws their love, and communication, is likely a ‘broken wing’ that sorely needs intimate attention to heal wounds that have gone very deep, and control the outcome of all relationships and love. There is no escaping that which festers in the being unless time, openness and sensitivity to the problems actively are worked on to remove them.

Love in an unconditional deep sense will never be met by but a few rare ones as people settle for what appears to be the real thing until it becomes apparent it is ‘conditional’. Jumping from relationship to relationship is just to find out that wherever you go, there you are! Love all you want, it’s not likely to change anything where hunkering down and dealing with the issues is the ONLY way to open the possibility of a genuine love. Then begins the terror of finding one who also is not attached to things that keep them from intimacy. Tormenting yourself over love lost, or not found, is to put a torch to the love that awaits hidden at the end of your torchery. Take time to heal love’s missteps that will open the doors to an enduring love.

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