Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends


December 12, 2010
Open the souls receptivity by losing your separateness and merging into the beloved where all thoughts disappear opening up a resonance where the moment seems eternal. No ‘I’ or you but the disappearance of all individuality into a merger of the silence of ecstasy. Their self merges into yours creating a oneness that whatever circumstances befall one in the future, the connection vibrates in the soul.

A moment comes when sex opens the door beyond sex into a deep indescribable celestial like merger that can’t be forgotten. A birth into the being of godliness permeates all moments into the unknown future only, filling each and every moment with a sense of love, compassion, and awareness. The recipient of this ‘godliness’ always will come from a divine space of godliness, however misunderstood by those who venture in there own aura of fluctuating darkness and insight.

Talk in silence to the beloved with each others eyes wide open to let the other immerse and drown into an illumined space of a birthing of an eternal us that remains a secret only to the two becoming one. A sense of completion with each other arises that cancels all negativity that partial love between lovers inevitably brings. Nothing but love awaits each connection through all circumstances. Differences of mind lose their energy in favor of giving each other a spiritual freedom that is beyond the mind of those remaining in the world of up and down.

Something deeper than love happens in those rare moments of being immersed into one. The ‘old you’ becomes missing through a deep communion, and emerges into a state of knowingness that only those rare ones who also entered that state can relate to.  Without the complement of the one in a togetherness of a total let go dissolving into you it is not possible to attain to the heights of awareness into others souls. The cognition of seeing that few are ‘home’ or really in their body becomes reality. Occupying just the mind and body with accompanying, fluctuating reverberations in the heart is to remain in the animal state occupying a human body with an ego of denial of one’s state.

The real human ‘being’ in consciousness of all facets, and sensitive qualities of godliness comes from the silence of love merging into a space eternally beyond what we call love. The mind is a clever, shallow computer without a live conscious, loving soul. The beginning is always coming while there is no end.

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