Musical Chairs Marriage

Musical Chairs Marriage

December 9, 2010
When the love seems to stop, one member of a marriage chooses to remove themselves by breaking the agreement to choose another lifestyle. Rarely is this game done without deep emotional hurt to at least the one left behind alone to live what may feel like a death. Love mixed with self hatred is always a likely and unwelcome visitor to tarnish wonderful memories.

Closure is frequently missing to help heal life’s heart lumps. The hole and jagged edges remain in hopes of love arising through the clouds of hurt. Humans long for love but the mind and heart are conditioned otherwise, and with fear of closeness. The human mind is relentlessly conditioned with little time for the heart. When the opportunity presents itself, they feel deeply, but not much time passes before the mind resorts to its conditioning, and the inexperienced, ignored heart goes into ‘fear mode’.

The mind and heart must be open and vulnerable with innocence, and no fears of closeness to enter a new dimension of existence in coupling with someone coming from the same space. Entering into a spiritual union with someone should have no limits to experiencing ‘mutually in harmony’ all of love’s mysteries that have nothing to do with what society or anyone else says, but what two people feel. Advice that those older suggest from their experience, is likely tainted with incomplete experience on their part, frequently with sour grapes that they experienced because of not fulfilling their relationship of love and communication.

The mind needs to be a servant of the heart, and not the heart serving the mind. A deep harmony of the hearts with total communication as if a third mind and heart has evolved is necessary for the flowering of love. Always, the quality of love between a couple needs to be uppermost, and if a time comes where friendship, and not marriage becomes the choice, each needs to be sensitive and giving to the other. Deep love that flowers inside you remains as part of your make up beyond death. Partnering in a deep love is an opportunity to meet the face of godliness, and premature heaven!


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